Infographic Design Gold


Premium infographics with up to 25 data points researched and framed with compelling creatives. Includes research on chosen topic, premium stock photos, and original design with a 20-day turnaround time.


???? 20-day turn around time
???? Includes research on chosen topic via Statista, Pew Research, Harvard Business Review, and other research sites
???? Up to 25 data points researched, all coordinated to present a cohesive story
???? Advanced Infographic design, with custom graphics
???? Using premium stock photos and designs
???? Unique, 100% original infographics created just for you
???? Up to four revisions
???? All resolutions available, A4, A3, A2, Web Quality, or custom size
???? File Formats: .jpg, .png, .eps, pdf, or .tiff